Input 6.3 mm (1/4”) input jack socket as
    high impedance line input stage
    with pad (high/low attenution).
    Equalizer three band tone controls with
    middle parametric
    Colour ‘mid-cut-treble-boost’-fi lter
    Tone balance the tone balance enables the bassor
    treble emphasis or a combination
    of both
    Eff ect compressor with ratio and threshold
    Power amp 200 W / 8 ohms, dynamic control
    Analog signal subsonic fi lter, low distortion
    processing RMS limiter
    Speaker system 10“ woofer neodymium magnet
    Features ground lift, headphones, line out,
    sub out, footswitch (muting and
    eff ect loop), send, return, insert pre/
    post EQ, aux in, adjustable DI-out
    Dimensions 325mm x 375 mm x 295 mm
    (12.80“ x 14.80“ x 11.60“), HxWxD
    Weight 13,5 kg (29.8 lbs)

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